Why India Needs to be Your Focus?

With over 64 Million Passport issued (till July 2019) and a Projected 50 Million Outbound Travellers by 2020 (Source UNWTO & Business Standard) backed by a fairly stable economy India today is one of the fastest growing Outbound Tourism Markets globally. If your Business depends on Inbound Tourism, it is imperative that you look at India as a source market to ensure a healthy growth of your Business and India should be your focus for Outbound Marketing & Representation.

Why to Choose India for Outbound Travel Marketing & Representation

The important factor is – personal Income levels are rising and the lifestyles changing. India has a huge middle class population with the availability of low-cost air fares and diverse travel packages. India is one of the fastest growing outbound travel markets in the world, second only to China. Thus, India should be your focus if you are looking for outbound travel marketing & representation.

Indians are high spenders – spending approx 1200 USD per person per visit

With high disposable incomes, Travel and experiences rank high on the list for the majority of the population, add to this the fact that Indians are high spenders when they travel, spending on an average $ 1200 Per person per visit v/s Americans who spend around $700 and The British who spend $500 per person per visit. (Source FORBES) ensures that we help boost the economy of the destination we are visiting.

Indians are already spending 1.6 Billion USD on Foreign Exchange

The latest data released by the Reserve bank of India, has Indians spending $1.6 Billion on Foreign Exchange for Outbound Travel which is 60% more Year on Year in 2019 (Source Tourism Breaking news) 

Flight Connectivity : A Case Study

With an excellent flight connectivity from every part of India reaching any part of the world is not a problem anymore for the Indian Traveller. A case to the point here is despite not having direct flights to Bali from majority of Indian cities, the traffic from India has continued to grow making Indians the 4th largest visitor pool. (source Jakarta post) 

An increased flight connectivity between India and Thailand has meant that Phuket which was not so high on the list of Indian Travellers now has started to profit with an excellent flight connectivity from india. 

How this has translated down in terms of the growth is best described by the Vice President of Thai Hotels Association.

At a beachfront hotel on the tropical island of Phuket, the occupancy rate from Chinese clientele has stalled, while bookings from India have begun to rise. The Visit Resort is one of many in Thailand that has more cause for optimism. 

“We’re starting to see new growth,” said Kongsak Khoopongsakorn, Vijitt’s general manager and Vice President of the Thai Hotels Association. “Indians are now driving industry growth like the Chinese had previously done.” 

India is emerging as key source market for many tourism bodies around the world

India today is emerging as the Key source market for many destinations and as a result Tourism Bodies around the world are increasing their Investments in India. From long haul destinations like Australia & New Zealand to short haul ones like Sri Lanka and Thailand, each and everyone is today allocating more spend for India to profit from this ever growing market. (Source Economic Times India)

MICE and Luxury Travel

For Event Organisers who are keen to get their share from this market, Business and luxury travel is expected to make up a significant share of the total volume of outbound travel, with one report indicating the country is on track to generate 6.5 million outbound luxury and MICE tourists annually by 2020

Expected 50 Million USD outbound Indian travel marketplace by 2020  

If expectations are realized, the UNWTO predicts that outbound Indian travellers will reach 50 million by 2020. Many major tourism boards and tourism attractions are looking towards India to improvise stats and Roaring Representation can extend your reach by Outbound Travel Marketing and Representation Services. 

With reduction in processing times for online Indian tourist applicants an overall rise in stats of travellers is quite evident. Various tourism boards are emphasising a strategy based foucs on youth segment from India as the country is to become the youngest country in the world by 2020, wherein its median age will be 29 years (source – Economic Times).

For various tourism boards like Tourism Australia, Thailand and Sri Lanka – India has already achieved the distinction of being the fastest growing tourism market. For Australian Tourism the growth has been in double digit in terms of arrivals and spendings both. 

Short Haul Destinations to gain by focussed outbound travel marketing and representation in India

Tourism destinations in Asia with proximity to India are all set to gain. As a report published in reuters, Indian visitors prefer to visit Asian countries due to low air fair and proximity factors. In case of long-haul destinations – Indian travellers prefer going to Uninted Stests (US), Australia, Europe and New Zealand etc. The report also suggests that number of business tourists from India visiting Japan are far more compare to holiday travellers. (source – Reuters) 

Source – World Bank