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Our Clients - Roaring Representations

Our Clients

Kenya, Tanzania, Victoria Falls, Rwanda & Uganda

Sawasawa Africa

Sawasawa Africa’s ability to offer carefully crafted bespoke travel itineraries within Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda, Rwanda and Victoria Falls is second to none in the region.  Over the years, we have established close relationships with similarly minded partners and suppliers across these region to enable us provide flawless custom-designed holiday tours and safaris from beginning to end, offering expert advice and guidance all through. It is our singular and unending quest, at every turn, with each traveler, to provide the highest level of service and attention to perfect each experience beyond expectation. 

With a meticulously handpicked team of travel and tourism experts across the region, working behind the scene, we guarantee for extra-ordinary travel experiences, well beyond and above the wildest of dreams.  Unwavering attention to every minute detail, from a meal and seat preference on a flight or local restaurant for an individual to a complex and extensive family/group travel in multiple destinations.  With alacrity, we strive at every turn, consciously, to provide befitting individual solution, as often the possibilities are endless and could be mind boggling without an expert hand.


J-Links Japan

Founded in Osaka, Japan in May 2008 and dedicated to inbound tourism to Japan. We provide unique trips for families, honeymooners and couples, students, etc., not only to the famous spots but all throughout the country upon their requests. Our travel plans combine tourist attractions including nature, culture, traditions, art, and entertainment with selected accommodation, transportation, dining, and guides (English, Arabic and other languages are available).

Galapagos Cruises, Ecuador & Peru

Latin Trails

Latin Trails is the leading name in Small Ship Luxury Cruises to the Galapagos Islands. Their presence in India will afford travelers a Unique Opportunity to book locally for a once in a Lifetime experience to these protected natural reserves. 

Latin Trails is also a Premium Destination Management company offering custom trips to Ecuador and Peru. 

Visit the Andes, the Pacific coast, The Amazon, Machu Pichu, Nazca Lines, Lima and more.
They open up exciting new destinations to consumers from the Indian Sub-Continet 

We establish your Brand and bring you Business as the Best  Representation Company in India.

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Hotel Representation

Cruise Representation & Marketing

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Brand Management

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