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Frequently Asked Questions - Roaring Representations


Here we try to answer most of the Frequently Asked Questions which you might have

How long before you would see a return on your Investment
As a Tourism Representation company one question we get asked a lot by our prospective clients is how long before they see a return on Investment?

This totally depends on, if you are an established destination or in the process of being established or if you are an upcoming one. Established destinations can expect to get a ROI from day 01 of working with us, since there is already a destination awareness we can open the tap as much as you want as long as you maintain a Turn around time (as our client you will be made to understand this in detail)

As an example, If you had something which was really a great promotional package and we sent it to our entire database of 45000+ agents and only 1% replied with an enquiry you would be overwhelmed. So we would open the tap in phases so that at no point do you get more than 20-30 queries in a day unless you have an India ops team which can work at the same speed,.

If your destination is in the process of being established and your Tourism Board has done a decent job of creating an awareness or “Bollywood” has created an awareness about your destination then you can expect some marginal delay as the demand for the destination is being generated. In which case we would first go about establishing you as the Go to brand and start pushing for any query being generated to land up with you. (atleast to quote for the piece of Business)

In this case we usually expect 20-30 queries in a month initially and as the travel season approaches this number can scale upto 20-30 queries a week. Remember that your destination is still in the process of being established.

If your is a destination which is yet to be established and is just the starting point then it would take a little bit of time before you see conversions. The first step would be to establish the destination in our markets, get the right agents onboard and start pushing the product into the market. This cycle usually takes between 4-6 months before we start seeing any tangible results.

The advantage for any player who enters the market at this stage is that by the time the Business pick’s up, you know the requirements of the market and are already an established name. Every query which is generated, you would get the first right to quote for this Business. We have seen some great results for DMC’s who started very early and invested in the market.

How do we connect you with the market
Emails and Messaging tools are used as the initial tools for setting up your brand presence, This is followed by tele sales and depending upon our Agreement Physical sales calling. We have a very rigorous process of two sided follow ups, which means we follow up with you on behalf of the agents (if the quote is delayed) and with the agents on your behalf to drive conversions. With everything you are always in the loop.
What type of Consulting do we offer to our Clients?
With a combined experience of 100+ years in diverse verticals and industries, having been early adopters of Technology and also called Disruptors, every onboarding session when you start with us, begins with consulting. We consult you on all things India and how to best set up your teams for success.

You can also leverage our expertise for Marketing, Automating your Business, Auditing your internal and external SLA’s and improving your current processes.

Resources for your Brand
Each Client of ours is different and so are the requirements you may have from India. Our interaction with you starts with a discovery call and by adopting a Listen first approach we understand what your requirements are. Accordingly we create a plan tailored to your brand. If for sales, your Brand needs a shared resource we would never suggest an Individual resource, on the other hand if your Brand needs an Individual resource we would not recommend going with a shared one as well.

All solutions ave some resources which are shared normally for the back office and follow up tasks.

Unless you are a Tourism Board, we don’t recommend a report at the end of the month, We work in real time. All our activities are done in such a way as to create an awareness for your product and brand and hence we make sure that the Key Account Manager for India from your end is always in the loop. Since our Market is last minute and demands faster response times, REAL TIME works best.

However if your Management needs to see a paper report we can log all Sales activities as carried out and share a Basic one as well in case your plan is for Shared resource. If you have a dedicated resource then we can share a detailed report with you as well.

How it can be a game changer for your DMC
In all the 3 scenarios, the Indian outbound market would give you a return, if your destination is well established then you would have stiff competition so mark ups would be less but you would get the numbers. These numbers can help with your overall contracting and help you better your buying there by producing profits despite starting at lower margins.

If your destination is being established or is just starting out, the conversions may be low but you would get decent profit margins. This trend continues till such time that the Destination is recognized at which point even though other players would enter the market you would have the early movers advantage and we would have established you in such a way that you would be having a major share of Business.

India has two things that work in its favor, It has the largest youth Population in the world. Nearly half of Indian population is under 25 years of age, no other country has a population that young and India is slated to cross 50 Million outbound Tourists mark by 2020.

As the younger population becomes more affluent and mature coupled with the level of disposable incomes rising, India virtually guarantees you enough business for the next 20+ years unless something major happens with the source destination.

There has never been a better time to invest in a market which would virtually guarantee you 20+ years of growth and a great ROI.

Educating your team on marketing requirements
We work as an extension to your Office in this region and are as passionate about your product as you. Our process starts with first you educating us about the product and then we bridge the Gap and recommend to fine tune the offerings for the market. which is followed by our Training usually on the Ground, this ensures that we are able to answer all the Questions in real time without any loss of time.

Your teams are educated by us about how to draft your Packages and Promotions and how to meet the expectations of both the Travellers and Travel Agents so that there is no Faux-Pas on the ground.

Listen First approach

Nothing off the shelf; Everything made to deliver!

Our ‘listen first’ approach helps define your goals for the Indian Outbound Travel Marketplace and design custom strategies to deliver exceptional results.