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Our Team - Roaring Representations

Our Team


Apart from the founding members, Roaring Reps has a diverse team of people hailing from all walks of life. Some have been in the travel industry for significant amounts of time with others have worked in technology, finance, design and more.  Because of this, their varied experiences is what makes the team stronger and allows us to offer creative solutions to our clients. Our strengths include our combined experiences, our effective network of partners, trade and press as well as our inherent passion for travel. With people from DMC, sales, cruises, hotels, writers, and technology backgrounds, we understand our clients’ needs and goals. As a group we are outgoing with a ‘sales first’ attitude and ‘conservation always’ mission. 



Parrul Sinha
Managing Partner – Communications & Outreach

Parul, being a military brat managed to see quite a bit of the world when growing up. With a new city and school every two to three years, quick immersions and change became her norm. This developed her love for travel that was later enhanced with her passion for history and culture. This very passion became the basis for her work and then her business.

Her career spanned working in different aspects of the travel industry where she worked in hotels, airlines, cruises, DMCs, and representation companies, even designing a glamping resort on the way, before starting out on her own. Parul has always been a marketing and communication strategist which has helped her achieve positions of strength in whichever role she undertook.

Her strong network, outgoing personality, and can do attitude has kept her on the forefront. She is a proponent of sustainable and conscious travel. Her favorite destinations are La Jolla, Cape Town, Budapest and just about anywhere in Kerala.

If she wasn’t in travel,
Parrul would have been a Chef!

Vishal Mehra

Managing Partner – Acquisitions

An explorer at heart, Vishal started traveling young. By the time he finished school, he had already visited most of Europe and South East Asia. Capitalizing on a natural flair for languages, Vishal studied German, which gave him his entry into the world of incoming tourism in India. His ability to communicate as well as his passion for his country made him a leader in his space.

Once bitten by the travel bug, Vishal explored new frontiers and then moved to introducing new destinations to his existing clients and then to the Indian market. He was one of the first movers in Representation tourism, and while he wore various hats, promoting new travel products and destinations has always been part of what he did.

His experience brought him opportunities to speak on Indian Culture and History, he worked with DMCs to grow their business and adopted technology to increase his presence. His love for speaking as well as consulting ensures he is always helping various tourism businesses on strategy, scaling up leveraging marketing and automation and creating processes aimed at customer retention.

He has a  successful representation company Bigfoot Marketing in Dubai UAE catering to the Middle East, and he is a co-founder in Roaring Representations in India. Vishal loves to travel and his favourite destinations are – Jaisalmer, Berlin and London – in that order.

If he wasn’t in travel
Vishal was sure he would have been a pilot

Jatin Chavvla

Managing Partner – Compliance & Relationships

Jatin, a corporate lawyer has been involved in setting up international joint ventures and operations for International companies looking for a presence in the Indian market. He has successfully set up companies in India and the Middle East in all industries. It is through his legal background that he got involved in travel and then embraced the business as an avid traveler himself.

As young lad, Jatin sailed the seven seas to experience destinations that most people had only read about. His love for the sea and his access to travel was enhanced by his curious nature allowing him to soak up information about places across the globe. His passion for mythology is a far cry from his innate understanding of international law and finance.

Jatin advises travel and hospitality companies apart from running a travel company and legal firm. His ability to interpret law and use the government initiatives to increase penetration and topline makes him invaluable to any venture.

If Jatin didn’t have to live a mundane life as a homo sapien
He would have been Master of the Universe