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About - Roaring Representations


Thus began a journey of four passionate travellers with an aim to disrupt the travel representation space.

With diversity as our advantage, and experience as our asset, each stakeholder brings in a different perspective. 

By marrying strategic thinking with the best in creativity and production we deliver on any brief, in an agile and integrated manner.

Initiators of amalgamated technology

we understand the advantage automation brings to our large and varied market. We curate cutting edge solutions for tourism brands looking to tap into the USD 42 Billion and growing, outbound travel market from India.


that’s why we begin
with a roar

Each strategy begins with relevant content creation, quick distribution, early adoption and clear communication to ensure a better ROI for our clients.


Our aim is visibility for our clients; In a voice that resonates with their target audience leading to measurable and tangible results.

#ChangeMakers #ThoughtLeaders #RiskTakers #Mavericks #Disrupters is how we trend in The Indian Tourism Scape.

We level the playing field for our clients and help hit the ground running.

Billion USD Market Size

Million passport holders

K Plus Active agents

Plus Travel Media

WE Got You Covered

Travel Representation & PR Services

DMC Representation

Hotel Representation

Cruise Representation & Marketing

Office Management & Operations

Brand Management